12.24.2006,7:43 PM
Palo Duro Canyon Slideshow
I have nothing better to do on this eve of Holiday, so I played with iPhoto, iDVD, and iMovie. The slideshows for the CanyonRun2006 and Palo Duro Canyon06 are done, complete with music. As an experiment, the Palo Duro slideshow was saved in Quicktime movie format and is quite good with most of the photo high resolution maintained. However, when uploaded to YouTube the format is compressed and quality goes downhill.....like an avalanche.

I hope to find an alternative to YouTube for hosting slideshows; the resolution just sucks badly. I feel offended; I humbly admit my photography is better than what is depicted there. Nevertheless, for the interim, the video is embedded below.


Music: "Into the Light", Joe Satriani from CD Flying in a Blue Dream

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