1.01.2007,9:18 PM
ADV V-strom Shirt

Over the Holidays I was bored. I need some long-sleeved shirts, so I played around with Whee's tattoo and custom designed the shirt around the Dakar-style V-strom logo, a design conceived by one of the riders on ADV. Whee wears two of his decals. I photographed the one on the front fender, cropped and touched it up a bit. Then uploaded it to Zazzle.com to put together the shirt design.

I 'published' it to the zazzle site so anyone can order a shirt and choose their own shirt style and color.

On the back in bold letters: "We go where the wild things are"

I'm designing another shirt for canyon addicts: "I'm a canyon addict on two wheels" using one of the many canyon photos I have. It's cool.

ADV V-strom t-shirt

ADV V-strom

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