5.09.2007,12:46 PM
Many Horses
My five acres of sanctuary, or my Castle Made of Sand, is like a jungle. The incessant rain here in north Texas has filled my pond for the first time in three years. But the grass is now over a foot high in places. Add water, stir and wallah! Grass.

My 24hp tractor could not be woken from its winter slumber. And it grew a beard of dust, cobwebs, mouse and bird droppings, you name it. Digging out the manual, I pretended to be 'mechanic' and try to get it up and running.

Somehow, I did. I have no idea what I did, but he fired up Monday night. Reluctantly. Letting it run and recharge the low battery, I planned an attack. How was my little 48" deck underneath the tractor going to handle this tall jungle grass?

No better way than to dig in and find out. First thing on the list was cut a swath around the house to ride the bike on. Lately I've been pulling out on the road and riding for several miles with grass stuck on my pegs and elsewhere. And I arrive at the train station with grass on my overpants. I get odd looks.........

Then mow close to the house, especially the walkway. I get wet up to my knees when I go to or leave the house. After that, maybe I'll cut a trail around the five acres for a bike path; practice my offroad, prairie-grass riding skills. But not in the pond. I don't have pontoons on the bike.

Every evening after work, I ride a different four-wheeled loud pig: the tractor called 'Many Horses'. In some ways, its relaxing. I watched the clouds in the sky play with the setting sun last night as I went around in giant circles.

All in a day's work.


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