4.29.2007,12:08 PM
Pie in the Texas Sky
Texan bikers have a thing about pie. Riding for hundreds of miles, they will converge on a small restaurant located in an equivalently small town of Texas.

The night before, I decided the ride would be therapeutic.
It was very good to see friendly faces again; really good.

I didn't take many photos; the urge wasn't there. But I did take a few of 'The TWT Line' (aka the TWT bike line). If you're observant, you'll notice an odd character that doesn't really quite fit in with the rest of the colorful two-wheeled line.

There was the front of the line,

A juxtaposition inserted and then the long tail of the line.

Now, at this end were two bikes that captured my attention: the Tiger (I love those stripes...... and just the way it looks overall) and the colorful BMW that has
always held my gaze. In fact, when he rode out, I suspected I might even be able to put my feet on the ground sitting on that thing....... I mean, that bike is a gleaming gem.

Of course, I am biased; there were three Wee-stroms present. The third was Ana's, who arrived later and I unfortunately didn't get a shot of.

So, have you picked out the juxtaposition yet? Hint: it's blue.

A common pattern I have noticed at these large gatherings is that when so many bikes are together; all those bright colors, the plethora of shapes, and dotted with shiny chrome.......it quickly becomes sensory overload. It becomes difficult to see the trees through the forest. So I tend to rely on what draws my attention the most. Today it was the Tiger and, again, that wonderfully-colored BMW.

However, I couldn't help but giggle at the one odd character inserted in the line of bikes..........

I searched for a good vantage point to capture an overall shot of the entire line of bikes, but the only position that occurred to me, and was quite tempting, was on top the hood or roof of that gigantic, bloated, sunstroke blue, beat-up four-wheeled Caddy.
Yes, it was very tempting to hop on top for a good shot.

In lieu of, I held up the camera over its roof, monitor angled down and did the best I could do.

Last but not least, I indulged in something that kept me going the entire 1140 miles home last Wed, muttering over and over in my helmet:
"I just want to go home.......and eat some ice cream!!!!!"
I savored a bowl of warm blackberry cobbler topped with ice cream..... so delicious.

Dutch, with his ever vigilant lens, caught me off guard......the intrepid Road Warrior.

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