5.15.2007,7:44 AM
That Long Lonesome Highway
Life rears its ugly head. Lately it has dumped on me, one after another, non-stop. I can take a rocky boat, even bail it out when it starts taking in water. I can row forwards and backwards, fight the currents, veer around rocks and steer towards shore. But lately the boat has so many holes in it, I can't keep up with the incoming waves of water and I feel like I'm sinking in the ocean with no land in sight. And the sharks keep circling. Along with the mutant fruit flies.

Enough feeling sorry for myself. I know how to doggy paddle.

I was tempted, so tempted, sorely tempted, almost irresistibly tempted......... to just continue riding the bike this morning into the rising sun. Wait; that's east. No, I wanted to turn around and head west. Onto the flat plateau of west Texas, across the Pecos River and into the mountains of New Mexico. Or ride south. Ride the top of the Edward Plateau, into the Davis Mountains and veer southeast into the Trans-Pecos deserts, canyons and mountains.

Just go. Leave all the noise behind, the bills, incessant jabbering and flaky people, all with their blaring car alarms. Traffic jams, inconsiderate drivers, alarm clocks, seas of asphalt and concrete canyons, the human debris accumulating on the road sides, cell phones glued to human ears, mouths uttering noises with nothing to say, sign this paper, mail that.....

I have succumbed before. And it was so tempting to do it again.

I want to be alone. Just me and the bike; out somewhere where no one invades my head, my time, my space unbidden.

This rant was brought to you by a rider weary of living in the city.


posted by Macrobe
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