5.24.2007,8:41 PM
Whee's First Anniversary

A year ago this coming Sunday, Whee arrived to his new home and rider. Dirk and I picked the bike up in Houston, loading it in the back of my truck and I drove it home.

It was several weeks before the bike was ready to ride; I lowered it by an inch and 1/8. But I still remember that first ride, intended for just 'around the corner' (several miles out here in rural Texas). I ended up coming home several hours later with 125 miles on it.

I remember riding down I-20 just loving the feel of it, how it handled, it's quickness........and emitting "Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!" inside my helmet. With a big giant grin.

It was love at first ride. Whee and I are now the best of friends and we've ridden slightly over 18,000 miles since then.

"Travels with Whee. "
You would understand, Mr. Steinbeck.


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