6.02.2007,1:57 AM
Night chorus
After dinner with the boys I rode home in dark of the night. Lightning played in the clouds to the north like a gigantic hiding firefly in the sky.

Twinkle, twinkle ball of light
You can not escape my sight
As I ride into the dark
Wrap me in your warm black night.

I rode up to the top of a hill, pulled to the side of the road and sat to watch in the silence. The open vista north and west was nature's light show. In all its majesty. Full of hidden power, a warning of a electrical storm soon to come. Rawness. So beautiful, so powerful, so deadly.

Everything else that day, in the last few days, all the cobwebs and spiders snarling my head, and the nagging flies that buzz in it were silenced. And they all fell away. They all became insignificant. Nothing mattered right then. But what lay before me and below.

It was all so fantastical. And I was its spectator.

I smelled the rain before it rolled in.
Helmet back on, started the engine, rolled the throttle forward. And I rode the black ribbon of road into the night again. Like I belonged on it, a wild creature on the black savanna of night in a storm.

I felt at home.

The first rain drops hit my face shield as I neared home. Pushing it up, I smiled as they stung my face. Not wishing to disturb its grand entrance, I slipped into bed without turning on the lights. Now three hours later I sit in the dark enjoying the lightening flashing around me, thunder reverberating, bouncing in all directions. Finishing with a long rumbling roll. Rain drips from the sky and the eaves. Frogs and crickets offer a hesitant harmonizing chorus.

I'm caught in between the dark of the night and the quick flashes of light, the rumbling rocking me back to sleep like a disturbed baby in the arms of a universal mother.

and still nothing matters.

but now.

and here.


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