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Texas Hill Country: Legends

The alarm trickled into my consciousness:
"Woke up,
got out of bed,
dragged a comb across my head.
Found my way downstairs
and drank a cup...."
Consciousness doesn't really filter into my brain until the second cup of coffee. After dragging myself out of bed, grunting a "Good mornin' ", I left the room to hunt for coffee like a bloodhound on the scent. Wandering into the motel lounge, I filled two cups from a pot of fresh coffee and grabbed a handfull of little creamers.

Gulp, gulp.....

We packed our bags, loaded the bikes and rode down the main street of Llano looking for breakfast. I had visions of eggs and ham dancing in my head and teasing my stomach. After cleaning my plate and drinking another two cups of coffee, I headed for the rest room. While sitting on the throne a little voice called out next to me:
"Who's there?"
"Me. Who are you?"
"What's your name?"
"Elzi. What's your name?"

"Where do you go to church?"
"I don't go to church."

Another moment of silence:
"You don't go to church??"
"No. The great outdoors is my 'church'."
"I go to a building for church........ How can outside be a church?"

The flush of the toilet filled in the hesitation to explain a concept that a six-year-old wouldn't understand.

Waiting for Greame to fill his tank with gas, I gazed around at the intersection of Hwys 79 and 16, finding a gem of a building: a cow patch. Every town has some character if one looks close enough.



I let Graeme lead south on Hwy 16. I wanted to follow and not have to think about 'where'. The countryside was beautiful with vistas of rolling hills, pecan trees, lush pastures with grazing horses and cows, majestic oaks towering over the sides of the road and sheltering swollen creeks, gentle sweeps and roller coaster roadway. Large entries of stone and cast iron gates hinted at expansive ranches beyond the roadside trees and barbed wire fences.

Enjoying the scenery and the road dissuaded me from stopping to take photos. But I knew when glancing in my rear view mirror that I wanted to ride this way on my return home.

We pulled into the quaint popular town of Fredricksburg around 9 am before the tourists clogged the streets. Pulling off to one side in front of some shops I was able to capture the essence of the town that boasts a rich German history.



We were ahead of schedule for our lunch destination, so Graeme suggested we take a side trip to a Texas legend: Luckenbach. Turning off onto two small narrow sideroads, traversing a small watercrossing and meandering deeper into rural Texas, we turned onto another narrow road at a sign stating "Luckenbach". Wandering down under canopies of giant oak trees, an old gray wooden building sported a sign of our destination.

Other than a van with music equipment, we were the only wheels in the immediate area. And the only two people milling about. The character of the place instantly captured me; with camera in hand, I explored like a hound on the hot trail of goodness, all my senses taking in the smells, sights, sounds......... the place oozed character. And I wanted to capture it all and stuff in in my camera like a genie in a bottle.

Here was a place legends are made of, a place of many songs and stories. I could almost see and hear Jerry Jeff Walker, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Austin Lounge Lizards......... The silence of the giant oaks and two ancient and large wooden buildings betrayed the music and noise of human presence over the years. I smiled as I could almost feel their presence there.

The quiet before the dusk.

I knew I had to return some time and experience the place full of life.












"....Somebody spoke and I went into a dream."


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