6.23.2007,8:37 PM
A Beautiful Day
Days like these make change for the big down payment of busy and doldrum life during the week.

A perfect day: scattered puffs of clouds in the ceiling expanse of blue sky, a breeze that flirts with your hair and teasingly brushes against your face, tickling your skin.

A good day for a ride.

Two riders prancing along the asphalt: sometimes bumpy and broken, straight stretches blending into gentle curves. Roads hug the edge of the lake, carving through expanses of open green pastures, over swollen creeks, roller coasters on the prairie. The thumps over railroad tracks, standing on pegs and letting the knees absorb the impact, gliding in between white pipe fencing guarding pastures with sleek horses grazing, tails lazily swishing flies, tractors mowing fields for hay.

I follow the rider ahead of me taking his cue as he leans into the curves and flicks side to side on long sweeps like a graceful gazelle on the savanna. I smile as I follow him, shifting my weight side to side, leaning forward and over into the insides of the curves........ I surprised myself how natural and smooth it feels, so 'right'.......it all flows: the bike, the road and me.

"Trust the bike," I tell myself. "Give yourself to it."
And I relax,
we mesh,
the curves,
the road,
the bike and I.

I eagerly look forward to the time I can match the pace and grace of the rider in front of me.
In time.
In time, it will come.

After lunch and ice cream we rode off our separate ways. On the way home, drawn by the irresistible round sign of the Green Coffee Goddess, I pulled in for a relaxing iced mocha, toe tapping music and friendly conversation with strangers. Others seem to be infused with the pleasant day and we all share the overlapping edges of each individual's enjoyment of their day.

I am reminded that no matter how often I find myself lurking on the edges of this busy buzzing hive of humanity, we're all bozos on this bus. We're all alike more than our differences.
Smile and they will smile back.

So I sit here in an overstuffed chair, socked feet and legs in mesh gear flung over its arm, writing this on a beige paper napkin with these thoughts flowing out of my head, down through my fingers to become black scribblings that may or may not have meaning to whomever reads them.

What a beautiful day.

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