7.18.2007,7:51 AM
Rode to Work Again Day
Today is Ride to Work Day. I always ride to work, home from work, get groceries and tools and....., ride to dinner every Tuesday with at least 24 other riders, ride to eat ice cream every Friday night, ride for coffee and reading on Sundays, ride long distances to lose myself to the open space and let the road take me where ever it wants, ride, ride, ride........

I know three other riders who ride everywhere because two wheels are all they own. One rider friend gets up in the morning and has to decide which of his five bikes he's going to ride that day. Another rider frequently takes his three-yo daughter for a brief ride around the neighborhood (he's a Home Dad). And another rider rides to work and during work as a motocop.
So today is nothing unusual for me and many of us.

On the highway this morning looking at all the headlights and taillights in the darkness, I wondered and tried to juxtapose all those four-wheeled vehicles as motorcycles and saw in my mind's eye threads of bikes, all sizes and colors, and it....... well, it made me smile and giggle inside my helmet. For an instant in my reality, I was just another of the many hundreds of bikes on the roads, like streams of ants.

Then I was back into the alienation of two-wheels in a sea of elephants and rhinoceros with a few alligators playing checkers on a moving board.

In celebration of Ride to Work Day, I put Whee on it's center stand in the parking lot and liberally lubed its chain, tenderly wiped all its lights and mirrors, and told it how much I love it. Not quite a Hallmark day, but just letting it know like I would a lover that I'm fond of it and care.


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