11.30.2007,9:13 AM
Holy Buck!!
On the way home yesterday Whee and I almost had a four-point buck head adorning the bike. The many voices in my head saved the night.

Riding my Sweet Road home -the road with curves, dips, bridges and creeks, grazing horses, eerie trees overhanging the road, changes in temperatures, smells and scenes, bumps and crannies- while passing a horse pasture I saw in my headlights a buck. On the side of the road, my lane, front cloven hooves on the tarmac, looking at the other side of the road. Because he could. To see what he could see.

Instantly the adrenaline surged and the voices began calmly debating:
"Beep the horn?"
"No! The noise may startle him and he'll jump right on top of us."
"Not yet. Only as last resort. Considering our speed and trajectory point he'll be beside us, not in front of us."
"Brake; firmly but slowly, both wheels. Watch him for movement, then react accordingly. "
"Easy does it......"

Braking firmly but slowly, decreasing speed in the event of an impact, the crash would be less than if at higher speed. My heart pounding but head clear. I rode slowly by him while he stood still on the side of the road. If I had extended my arm and hand, I could have touched his head. As the rear wheel rode past the point of his head, he stepped back onto the shoulder.

And I breathed a sigh of relief. My heart still pounding.

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