2.14.2008,7:45 AM
Ode to a Sunrise

Azure, magenta
Blue, gray
Envelope us
Our spirits soar.

What is it about colorful ribbons in the sky that captivate us? A palette of colors on the horizon bless the ground with renewed and fresh spirit. Naked trees limbs silhouetted against the vivid palette like hundreds of skinny arms and hand reaching up for an embrace.

Colored veils reign over the black-curtained world in which we drown in full day light. A sweet kiss of beauty before our busy lives are fully illuminated and consume us. Vibrant hues tease and please, tickling our eyes and strumming invisible neurons in us as if they were magical strings on a harp, mesmerizing with its sweet music.

How does such natural beauty instill solace, calm and peace?

Colors change and gradually dissipate as the rising sun shines on the world below. The world to which we are called back from our ephemeral flight as shapes and shadows become streets, buildings, vehicles and people, to stand feet on the ground again.

Hold on to that beauty and let it fill your cup, sip on it throughout the day. Let yourself soar into that ethereal display of delight. Reach for it, take it; it's yours.


posted by Macrobe
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