1.18.2008,9:55 AM
Which way do I go?
After investigating my options for self-publishing, a source I am considering is blurb.com. Now I need to choose a focus and format for the first book:

1. Coffee table-type book; landscape-sized, primarily photos with accompanying text (essays, quotes, short stories -very short). Hard cover would be preferable, but more expensive.

2. Blog book: convert portions of my blog into a book. This would be the converse; primarily text (essays/stories/posts) with associated photos.

Then the travel focus: a specific trip or destination? region? dual sporting?

Choosing photos or posts to publish in one book is a daunting task. A decision on the focus will help narrow down choices.

States ridden in thus far:
Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas. (a few other states, too, but less noteworthy and memorable) I tend to focus on the Southwest; it is my favorite region. The Big Bend area itself would compile one book alone. Yet Tennessee and Arkansas have their own charms.

I would appreciate some feedback from those of you who read my blog posts, or my reports and trips on Two Wheeled Texans forum. I'm a bit overwhelmed and not sure what people would like to see or read.

One suggestion was dual sporting; on road and off road riding in places such as Texas and Tennessee (the only states thus far I have ridden off road). Infusing some of my naturalistic essays/posts, which is a common theme in my writing, with riding on and off the beaten path. And using accompanied photos (
the trend of my photography is also naturalistic).

One rider jokingly suggested the title "Zen of Dual Sporting" which is not far from describing the focus above. Yet the book, as is most of my writing, is about more than just riding a bike. I ride a bike because it allows me to travel and experience places and people in a way that other travel means cannot. Therefore, themes of riding a bike and exploring the environment are explicit in my writing. I would like the book, both text and photos, to express this.

I hope some of you readers will comment on what you would like to see or read in a book of about 20-30 pages. Keep in mind that I still intend to write a much longer book of my travels, but with few or no color photos. I have many more adventures in the future to add to that volume.

I thank all of you for visiting and reading, especially those who have taken a moment to say "Hello" in the comments. It reminds me that I am not just writing for myself.


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