2.11.2008,9:12 PM
Spring tease
Yesterday delivered spring fever to my lap like an anvil being dropped from the sky.


After a Saturday at work and spending the night at a friend's house in town, the ride home Sunday morning was nothing short of delicious. Warm, sunny, blue and bright. The 45-minute ride warmed my head and recharged my batteries as if I was photosynthesizing after a dormant sleep. All the voices in my head had running conversations:

"Where do you want to go?"
"Let's not go home!"
"Keep going! Don't stop!"
"But we have to patch the roof!"
"Let's ride to New Mexico!"
"I want to see mountains!"
"I want to see and smell water!"
"We don't want to go home........."

The big booming adult voice prevailed and we turned down one of my favorite roads home that runs the top of a high prairie overlooking the valley to the next rise. Fast, curvy, smooth, familiar odors of cattle and horse pastures are like perfume, and the wind whipping at my face. Scoot back, lean over the tank and roll that throttle open; ride that black ribbon like the back of a serpent.

It was a short ride, but sweet. It laid a good foundation for the rest of the day on the roof patching blown-off shingles and topping it off with firing up the grill to cook sausages.

Tease me, oh Spring. I know you're there ahead, not far now.
Thanks for the respite.
I look forward to playing in your warmth and sunshine again.


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