1.07.2008,8:15 AM
Xmas in Big Bend

I can still hear the coyotes yipping, feel the cold wind and dust on my face and hands, pick the sand out of my nose, eyes and swipe it off my goggles, see the glittering stars overhead, and feel the growl and clicking of two wheels on the sand, rocks and dirt.

I knew this would happen: sitting here back in 'this place' wishing I was 'back there'. Wanting to bear the harshness, timelessness, freedom, sun, sand, dust, dryness, dirtiness, coldness, nothingness. Willing to walk away from, give up, hand it all over, chuck it all here, to go back to riding on those sandy rocky trails, crashing on the way up the rocky inclines, standing on the pegs riding the crest of the hill when you are suddenly engulfed by everything that lays out before you, swallowed by the desert whale; where you feel so minuscule that you find your heart beating in your ears with maniacal laughter echoing because you realize you are so stinking small and don't mean a thing to anything else out there.... and don't care because you are there. Being it. A part of it. It..... you feel alive.

And that's all that matters.

I had the best time of decades out there in the Big Bend Desert. With roads, trails, riding buddies, food, sun, wheels, mountains, cactus, everything. I can't adequately express how fortunate I was to ride and share it all with my fellow riders who made this possible. I hope we all do it again.


I'm still downloading and perusing through 1600+ photos and composing a travelogue as time allows. A nasty head cold and a full hard drive on the computer hamper my progress, but in time it will be complete. I would prefer to post it all on a website rather than the blog simply because space is so constrictive and this format is clumsy for long narratives and photos. Then provide links here and elsewhere to the pages. I will have to contemplate how I can do that; I don't have a personal website.

Meanwhile, be patient. The stories and photos will be worth the wait.

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