2.28.2009,7:30 AM
Texas History Month
March is Texas History Month. Since it parallels my interests, several posts will appear here on that topic. Of all the states I have lived, Texas history -and the people- are the most paradoxical I've ever encountered. It is a state of extremes.

Although Texas still lives in the myths of the Old West, the New West collides and often clashes here. Even Larry McMurty, that famous author of Western lore, refuses to relinquish the mythical Old West. While Fredrick Jackson Turner's Frontier vanished in the 1890's, a new reassessment of 'frontier', which is the heart of the New Western History, demonstrates that it is still very much alive. But it is not the frontier of old historical myth. 'Frontier' has a new meaning; it is a new entity and it wears different clothes. And along with it, new stories and story tellers.

Because riding a motorcycle is so much more than sitting on a wound up twin engine, most of my rides this month will focus on bits of Texas and Western history -old and new. Photos and commentary will be posted.
So stay tuned.

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