3.20.2010,9:51 AM
Here we go again......
Two summers ago was spent healing a broken ankle. Now it's a broken pelvis.

Finally, after five weeks of doctor visits and radiological imaging the verdict is fractures of both illium in the pelvis. The left illium, the more painful, has a fracture along the upper illiac crest. The right has only a crack. I have a broken ass.

The orthopedic surgeon predicts 4-6 months to heal and wants to re-image at four months. Meanwhile, The combined CT and total body bone scan have subjected me to enough radioactivity as an entire year of sunlight.

As they say, stuff happens. Two realizations from this are: I don't like ice, and my steep front porch needs replacing with a more 'friendly anti-ice' version. I think I'll spend the several hundred dollars to replace the existing front porch with a wooden construction that has a large top landing, add another step to decrease the steepness, and use deeper treads. I might even add a deck along the front half of the house. Then I can sit outside and avoid my enemies, the fire ants.

I already miss riding the bikes. They will have to sit at rest in Ed's garage for several months. During that time, the Whee will have it's valves checked and get a new rear shock. The DR will have grip heaters and saddlebags installed. They will be ready and waiting for when I am ready.

In the meantime, I still have the truck, and I don't intend to sit on my butt all the time!
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