3.22.2010,5:56 PM
Georgia O'Keeffe & motorcycles
Ed and I spent several hours at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Fort Worth yesterday to see the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit: The Faraway: Image and Nature. It was fantastic. I highly recommend it. Not only are there O'Keefe originals, but also photographs (also originals) by Eliot Porter and Ansel Adams of Georgia, places she painted and places they all shared on outing trips (river rafting, hiking, camping, etc).

I found this photo and fell in love with it. It is the only photo I have ever seen of her smile so heartily like this. And she's on a motorcycle. It will hang in an honored place on a wall in my house.

A selection of color photographic murals -huge murals- adorn the walls or sections of walls; places in New Mexico where Georgia camped and painted, returning time and time again. I can see why; I am drawn to them myself. I, too, want to visit and photograph them. And I will.

One of these locations she called The White Place. From her paintings and photographs, it is an oh, so familiar place. For it shares the same geological features as several locations in Big Bend: Tufts Canyon and the tall white pillars of hoodoos on the south side of the River Road (alongside the Rio Grande). I like them because they remind me of tall statues wrapped in flowing robes of milk or creamy powder. Some of them wear hats; large flat stones which resisted the erosion that etched the softer volcanic tuft below them.

Another place she especially liked was called The Black Place. This is the one that draws me, too. It is tonal in blacks, grays, beige and sometimes with ribbons of pastel pink or red. She called them "humps of elephants backs" lined up forever.

A large photographic mural on the wall draws you in, like a hook and line. I'm still trying to pinpoint the exact location of these magnificent landforms, but only have an idea on location. That's okay, there are thousands of acres of badlands in that area of New Mexico. I'll find them.


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