8.16.2010,6:18 PM
Dry Run
We had originally planned to do a dry run camping trip with all our gear on the little bikes this past weekend. But it is just too danged hot. Instead, we loaded the bikes with our gear in the cool and dark of the morning and rode north to join other riders for breakfast at the Blue Hanger Cafe. 

Sitting outside, we ate breakfast, sipped coffee or iced tea, chatted and watched planes land and take off. Little planes. A group of six practiced choreographed flying in formation and veering off in different directions. It was like synchronized swimming in the air. And very neat to watch from below. 
Even at 9:30 am on the return ride, temperatures were already 93 degrees. I was glad we weren't camping. We spent the rest of the weekend tying up some loose ends and creating a few more for the trip to Oregon. We now have a powerful truck to load the bikes into (F-250 3/4 ton) and a loaned pop-up trailer. Routes are done and we are attending to those details that always seem to overwhelm. 

Eight days and counting.......


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