12.11.2010,11:13 PM
Oregon, Ho!: Murals

Since my first visit to Newport, Oregon, in the mid-80's, one thing I remember most (besides Mo's clam chowder) was the giant mural of whales on the side of a bay-front fish/seafood processing place (above). It's called the 'Whaling Wall'. I always liked the mural; it brings one closer to those that co-habit the ocean waters.

A few other smaller murals were scattered throughout the bayfront, but since I last visited they seem to have birthed in gargantuan. Now they are everywhere and delightfully cover one to three sides of several buildings. They depict the maritime history of the Oregon coast. One mural unmistakeably originates with Mobey Dick. Another as if it is right out of "A Perfect Storm".

The detail is amazing- actually, astounding- in these murals. And so big, I wondered how on earth they were painted. Artist Rick Chambers is the signed artist on most of these with dates spanning around 2001-2006. A few were done by other artists, such as the first large mural mentioned above.

They all tell a story, many almost a full history, some details prompting mysterious glimpses into probably local and maybe even personal history (names on boats, certain painted details with specific characters, etc). Some are dedicated to those who were here long before any humans arrived: whales, birds, sea lions, pelicans, etc.

A few, almost hidden, aspects were amusing, suggesting a hidden story somewhere. Such as the rescue of the damsel in distress.... and a few others.

We added our own amusing element a few times, too.

And locals ride dual sport bikes, too.


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