12.11.2010,11:18 PM
Oregon, Ho!: Boats and Salmon
I could watch boats and ship for hours. I no longer have my own (16-ft Grumman canoe), so I have to float vicariously on other's boats.

We saw everything from small fishing boats, to tourist boats, to big old ratty fishing (commercial fishers), to deep sea commercial charter fishing boats.

While we waited for Mo's to open, and with the streets and piers empty of tourists, the photography ops were many. So I took advantage of it. Buoys are a favorite because they are always so colorful. The colors and their organization (from top to bottom) signify ownership of traps.

We had a great lunch (Mo's clam chowder is the BEST!) at the table to the left of that where the man is sitting next to the window.

While sitting at our table next to the window, I had company. On the other side of the glass. They knew I was there, and the gull was rather curious if he was going to get any hand-outs.

The windows in Mo's overlook a dock where commercial fishing boats dock and unload their own fish, and fisherman with their catches. Earlier we watched as the crew set up for the arrival of the boats: One table with two big pots on large propane boilers. I presume this was for boiling crab and clams. One long table was set up for filleting the fish and was the most busy.

After lunch, we went back to the pier next to Mo's that overlooks the bay and the dock below, and waited.......

Soon, not one but two boats docked. One was full of people who charter a deep sea boat, leave O'Dark Thrity in the morning and see what they can catch. The other, farthest at the dock, was affiliated with the fish packer next to Mo's.

Those who wished to fillet their own fish simply took their catch home. Most opted to have them filleted right there. A woman wearing an apron (plastic, rubber?), big gloves and tall rubber boots was queen of the fillet table. She was fast as can be with that knife and with no wasted motion. I have a few video clips of her in action that I haven't yet put together (but will eventually).

I kept thinking.... 'You don't want to mess with this woman......'


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