12.17.2010,12:12 PM
Oregon Ho!: Family
A few photos from the 'family album' and our stay with Tanaya.

I was getting restless. I woke and got up before sunrise the last few days there. One morning when I ventured outside watching the sun rise in the cloudy sky, I saw..........what? Hot air balloons!

Horses in the pasture next to the house did not know quite what to think of these floating monsters.

I had a few conversations with my equine buddies.

We were later told that it was the annual arts and balloon festival in Albany. No, we didn't go.

Now here was an entertaining member of the family: Loki, the new Rottweiler puppy. Smart and well behaved for a Rottweiler. Confused at times, but he listens well. This guy has real personality.

Loki tends to wander away from his house. Not really his fault because the neighbors feed him. Time to talk to the neighbors ("Don't feed the animals!"). Ed tried to teach him where his boundary was. Then he saw me coming with the camera, which he tried to lick every time he could get a chance.

And the dead woobie.

Our last morning there, Tanaya returned to her regular work schedule and we were ready to begin Part Two of our trip. We hugged, said goodbyes and tried not to cry. I told her we would be back.

She left for work at the shop and we left for the Cascades on a dreary cloudy morning.

And so we cross over to 'the other side' and begin a new adventure.......


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