9.30.2012,9:18 AM
The Yellow Dog Project

 Many of us have passed by or been introduced to dogs that for one reason or another are not receptive to strangers. The reasons for inhospitable behavior may range from a scared, injured, or in-training dog, or one that is just cantankerous. Humans are no different.

Growing up with dogs bred and trained to guard or hunt taught me that approaching a strange dog without evaluating their temperament, or waiting for an invitation by the dog or their owner, is inviting trouble. Frankly, I consider it rude: wait for the dog or the owner to invite you into their space. That should be the rule with all animals (and many people); all animals are territorial to various degrees.

A newly launched program increases awareness of how to recognize dogs that need their space by the yellow ribbon on their leash or collar. Please help educate other people about this program by downloading and posting posters from the website of The Yellow Dog Project, and sharing their Facebook page on your home FB page.

The Yellow Dog Project
posted by Macrobe
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