9.03.2013,7:39 PM
The urge for going
When I listen to the geese fly overhead this time of year, a sense of restlessness deep inside begins to gently simmer. And I clamp the lid on to keep it from boiling over. It's always been like this. Sometimes a sene of urgency, other times embers that glow keeping me warm. Perhaps the geese are singing my song. Maybe it's just my wings itching to stretch out and my feet longing to take flight. 

But it is the wanderer inside knowing when it is time to move on. Seeking the sun, warmth, and rebirth. Feeling the freedom, taking flight.

For decades, every Fall a song creeps from the still heart and reverberates throughout. I end up humming and singing it daily until my body and mind are in motion. While a wide grin creeps across my face and the soul flies high like the geese and swans. I get the urge for goin'.

"Now the warriors of winter 
They gave a cold triumphant shout
And all that stays is dying 
And all that lives is gettin' out
See the geese in chevron flight 
Flapping and racing on before the snow

They got the urge for going
And they got the wings to go
They get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is turning brown
Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in."
- Joni Mitchell
posted by Macrobe
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