10.06.2013,3:54 PM
New York Morning Walk Impressions

During my summer in western New York, my days usually started with a walk down a seasonal gravel road. It meandered through two farms, forests, wet land/swamp, with up and down. A local retired forester invited me to explore his wood lots and ponds, which I did several times. And I explored the edges of expansive corn fields. I visited with song birds, ducks, hawks, deer, racoons, beavers, and turtles. We talked back and forth, a new-born fawn thought I was its Momma, a baby turtle was rescued from the middle of the road, I tracked fox and racoons through pastures and wet gravel, collected colorful fall leaves from the ground, and took many photos.

Sometimes I only went with myself -no camera- and felt like shedding my humanness to fly south with the hundreds of geese as they honked and flew overhead. I always returned with a smile, lighter, happy and full of life.

This summer I lost much, including my father, and gained a lot. I returned to my rural roots, which is strong again in my heart. I gained friends and family, and a new-found freedom. I rode my bike for hours and rode just to ride. I remembered who I am, and let go of what I have lost. Most of all, this summer I learned how to let go. Losing my Dad impressed upon me how precious life is, and how much to cherish friends and family. And all the little things we encounter.

I posted daily photos from my walks with a running theme of Morning Walk Impressions. Little things we don't often take time to see anymore. Or can't see because of different locations. Sometimes we see things differently than others. That is what I love about riding a bike. We can see things, internalize them, even stop and immerse ourselves in them if we choose. But nothing beats encountering things on your own two feet. I like to do both.

Large to small, there are miracles everywhere. We can't let them slip away. Enjoy them all that you can.

My new daily motto is this:

"This is your life; savor it. Hold on to the threads across days that, when woven together, reveal the rich tapestry of what you are achieving and who you are becoming."

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