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Summer in NY: Hogarossa Rally
Starting towards the end. Who said everything has to be linear?

My First Motorcycle Rally

35th Annual Hogarossa Rally
Non-labor Weekend
Springville, NY

Every year my sister and brother-in-law (BiL) attend this rally in the foothills of the Allegheny Mnts. of Western NY. I was invited. I went.

I wasn't sure what to expect during this four-day event. But I packed up and loaded the bike with an open mind, no expectations. Best way to go.
(yes, that's my Turtle - new-ish travel trailer- and new-ish truck, camped at sister's place in western NY)

Cathy, my sister on her Harley, and I rode to the private campground. Tom (the BiL) had already set up their trailer for camping a couple days before. Arriving Friday morning, there were a few other trailers set up. But it was relatively quiet.

I set up my tent (actually, borrowed sister's tent) behind their trailer. Wiley was making himself at home.

Cory, my nephew-in-law (is there such a relation? and his girlfriend. Kattie, arrived later in the day. His tent was HUGE. This was Kattie's first camping experience. And her first rally, too.

We all got settled in for the afternoon and evening.

The place filled up, and up. And UP! Must have been a couple hundred people there; motorcycles, ATV's, mini-bikes, bicycles, you name it. Under a huge tent were a main stage for music, a wall of remembrances and tributes to motorcyclists that were 'gone': to accidents, cancer, etc., a booth run by the NY ABATE, tables and chairs. I missed the music that evening having opted to visit and chill at our little group.

However. I realized the next morning that I was missing two things. A better air mattress and earplugs. Between the constant ATVs and the loud music, I realized the only way I would get any sleep was to mute it all. The second cause of sleeplessness was laying on a thin air mattress. I'm too old to sleep on the ground, and, with some recent back issues, I got no sleep. Besides, my sister's old tent leaks....... I was loaned an inflatable air mattress. And I acquired a few pairs of soft earplugs. I slept good the next few nights.

Saturday I met a distant cousin who, with her husband, attend the rallies, too (I have met several relatives this summer I never knew I had). I have to say, I never encountered a tighter knit crowd of wonderful and generous people in my life. Everyone was hugs, sharing, kind, gracious, respectful, and wonderful. All ages, sizes, colors, shades, and kins. And I had a blast.

We all shared food in one way or another. Many people in this area raise, prep and preserve their food. We shared jars of pickled garlic, dilly beans, home-grown and smoked bacon, venison, fresh fruit and veggies, and even moonshine (not a fan). Here we all tested the picked garlic and beans.

One of the big events is a two-day motorcycle rodeo. Being naive in these things, I was not quite sure what to expect. In fact, I had to ask, "Huh?" Events ranged from a race with the slowest bike, pushing a beer keg, a serpentine with five eggs (a partner race), a race to fill a beer bottle with water (also partners), biting a hot dog hung from above (partners), tug-a-rope, keg toss, tire toss, and a few more.

Bikes ranged from choppers, full dressers, a 1937 pan head Harley, dirt bikes!, and even a scooter. Here's a shot of the line-up for the slow race. There was one I coveted; can you guess which?

Our group on sidelines during the first day watching the MC Rodeo.

Second day of the Rodeo

A moment of relaxation:

The music Sunday night was phenomenal. Patty Parks sang excellent blues and jazz with her band comprised of impressive musicians, several of them in the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. Most impressive was a young man named Mick Hays, who grew up with NiL Cory in East Aurora. Mick is a family friend, so I got to hear the background of how he started playing at age eight years. His specialty is blues, but also plays rhythm and blues, Delta blues, etc. Both his guitar and voice are exemplary. This young man is promising, and, in my opinion, bests Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I rocked and rolled with them all, danced (the first time in decades) for hours, and just enjoyed being able to experience it all. Despite the rain. (hanging the clothes out to dry....)

Home in the rain Monday afternoon.

Getting down to business now, since I will be leaving here in about four weeks. Getting the urge for going now with fall closing in. Back Home. To Terlingua. Hauling the Turtle, the travel trailer that is my home, and a bike in the pick-up bed. No matter where I go, there I am.

I will post up a few more adventures as I get photos uploaded and have access to wifi. 'Till then:

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
― Augustine of Hippo

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