1.08.2014,8:30 PM
The Wave
There is a magic spot
On the wall
Right there
Yes, there.

When it is wet
In the dark hole,
When the protruding
Fleshy hill
Is lightly teased;
When a warm
And firm
Pushes gently
On that magic spot.....

The wave forms
Rolling upward.
Engulfing limbs
Rolling through organs.
Searching for release
Throat tightens
Eyes squeeze shut
And the waves
Escape through the mouth.
Like a giant bird
Of molten earth
Rupturing from the belly
Of a volcano.
It carries the voice
As it springs forth
In release
As if being born
Into a silent world
Of ecstasy.

In the wake
Of the wave
I melt
Into oblivion.


posted by Macrobe
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