10.12.2014,8:02 PM
How animals grow in the presence of nature
"Research suggests the cultural shift required to develop affinity for nature is closely linked to the level of independence children have when visiting natural areas. Children who design and direct their own play experiences in nature seem to have a greater understanding and confidence in natural environments than. Holden who visit under close supervision."
(And, I might add, whose visits are strictly structured)

I dare say the same applies to adults. 

Go walk on the grass barefoot, pick a flower and put it in your hair. Yip with the coyotes and howl with the wolves, move like a deer, and sing like a bird. Run on the beach and climb over the rocks, beam like a full moon and shine like the stars. Hug a tree and lay on the sand with a turtle.

Immerse yourself. Touch that child inside you and live again.


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