5.25.2006,9:24 PM
Biker Chics Rool!
I haven't driven my truck in two weeks. It's lonely during the day, but at night White Fang's little buddy, Red, sleeps next to it. Covered in her silver bike cover like a kid in a mummy bag sleeping outside, with big brother White Fang truck to look after her.

Twice a week (sometimes three) I ride to the gym after leaving the train station. Lately I've had to ride through a deep puddle of water before a turn. That's always interesting. Tonight an SUV skidded in front of me just before the turn; the pavement was wet. I entered and went through the turn slowly. I did'nt need a bath. Not yet.

Today was lower body day: front squats, stiff-legged deadlifts and leg presses. Still rehabbing this torn up and broken left ankle, so it takes forever to stretch the left leg into a functioning component of the rest of the body.

My training is now structured to rehabbing the left leg and foot, or more accurately the entire left side. Regaining stength in the lower body is crucial for riding and stabilizing a bike. Upper body training targets stength and endurace: traps, wrists, forearms, and low back. Upper body is progressing much faster than lower; perhaps I can throw two wheels on that barbell soon for bench presses. The lower left is still plagued by issues (neuromuscular inhibition of left gastrocs, connective tissue adhesions, etc).

Tonight's training went well. My fellow powerlifters are always encouraging:

"How's it going? I see you're still alive and in one piece."

I nod, grunt and fit in between whatever they're doing.

There were four bikes in front of the gym this evening. All of the riders were women, myself included. One bike is a full-dressed Harley Road King (she's a big woman). Another a Harley Sportster, and the other two are Honda Shadows; a 750cc and mine. Red stood out apart from the three other black bikes.

While I was pulling my mesh pants on over bike shorts in the women's locker room, one of the women came in and asked:

"Is that your red bike outside?"

In reply to my nod she said, "It's a nice bike. I like it.
Ya know, there's more women than men that ride bikes in this gym.

I laughed. It's true.
I can smell the irony in with the testosterone.

Biker chics rool.
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