5.21.2006,7:43 PM
Biker Mommy
Lately I feel like a pregnant mother nearing birth of her new bike. The preparations, collecting names, outfitting it, planning for it's 'college education'..... I'm excited as a pregnant mother awaiting birth.

The bike and I will have a chance to bond, like a new baby and it's mommy, a colt and its mare, a cub and its bitch. As we learn more about each other, or I about it, I'm sure that all the preparations made in good intent will probably change. But that's part of the process, the journey.

As we prepare together for *the* big journey: months on the road.

The flying horse with silver wings will be my steed on my ride up into a full moon. Each full moon in a different location around this continent.

How can anyone ask for anything more?
posted by Macrobe
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