6.25.2006,10:16 PM
Whee-strom Ramblings
After tooling around the Big Five 0 for awhile (my five acres of Texas plains), I realized this baby is MADE for off-road. Big circles, figure eights, circled the bushy cedar, crossed and rode the gravel road/drive: piece of cake and ice cream.

Today was Whee's Inaugural Road Test.

Oh. My. GOD!!!

I planned to ride it on the FM road to Weatherford and back (~20 miles).
Hrmph....... even before I reached there, I decided I was not going back.

220 miles, ice cream and iced mocha later, I headed home.

I CAN POST ON THE PEGS NOW!!!!! I feel like I am riding a galloping horse. The ergos are exactly the same. So much more comfortable than the cruiser.

He handles like a charm!

Whee in Utah are going to rock.

I'm in love.
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