7.19.2006,10:11 AM
Into the Light.......
Music is a direct circuit into my brain. So is the bike. The two fused together are a blissful marriage and I become both encased within a human body.

I don't listen to music when I ride the bike; riding plays its own song, each ride different. Some music pieces remind me of riding. I close my eyes and I can feel the wheels turn under me and the road glide by. These pieces put me on the bike and I am flying with all the same sensory feed, driven by notes and a tune.

One of my favorite guitar musicians whose music takes me there is Joe Satriani. Two of his compositions are the theme music for this blogsite: "Flying in a Blue Dream" and "Ride". Joe rides a motorcycle; he 'knows'.

Another piece accompanied me this morning as I rode in the cool dawn: "Into the Light". I can hear and feel the whine and chirps of Whee in that guitar piece, I become the humming engine, I feel the wheels run under me like a fast steed and the wind rush by, see the big red ball of the sun as it climbs the sky and hear the wildly scaled notes carry me up and down the hills with the ever-changing temperatures and smells.

All as I ride into the light of the rising morning sun. The finale ascending note carries me up and ahead on the ride, in my mind, eyes open and eyes closed.

And the smile grows on my face, enveloping my entire body as we ride.....
into the light.
posted by Macrobe
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