7.08.2006,7:56 PM
North Texas Lake Loop 1: Lake Worth & Eagle Mnt. Lake

Where’s the famous Green Coffee Goddess?

Today’s intrepid group of riders met at Starbucks in Lake Worth where we all partook in pre-ride sustenance: coffee or pastries. Some, both. Filling three parking spaces were six bikes while their riders sat outside and enjoyed the coolness of the morning. On our quest to document TWT visitations to Starbucks, a barista obliged us by taking a group pre-ride shot.

Elzi on Whee-strom,
Armondo on a spiffy blue Yamaha FZ1,
Chuck on a pretty Honda VFR,
Angel on that snazzy Beemer R1200RT,
Stephen on a classically handsome Shadow 1100, and
Graubart on a hot red Wee-strom.

Again, our Fearless Leader, Stephen, led the charge and we headed out on an exploration of Lake Worth. The pace was relaxed and lazy, providing us opportunity to gaze around as we meandered narrow and winding lanes that snaked around the lake shores. Glimpses of water, boats, tall reeds, and other water pleasures greeted us between houses or trees. The cool air off the lake was quite refreshing and the shade of the trees bordering the roads kept the sun and heat off of us until we headed back to Lake Worth.

Our first lakeside stop was a gravel and sandy pull-off not far from Silver Creek Rd. Here we searched for the elusive alligators that haunt Lake Worth…… or so the sign proclaims.

Our next lakeside stop was a vacant and old castle-house. Stephen’s historical recollection was that it was built many years ago by a rich man who threw lavish parties. Why else would someone do with a castle here? The ‘house’ was eventually sold and partly renovated, but has largely been neglected. The lawn has been kept mowed so it is not completely abandoned.

Although I would like to, it would be a miracle for me to remember locations for all the roads and lanes we rode around the lake. Some day I may bug Stephen with a map to point out a few spots where one can ride to and unsaddle to enjoy the water and shade for a few hours with a book (or a blanket and take a nap).

We rode back through Lake Worth and northeast on Boat Club Road, turning on FM718 N. A few gentle curves and a bit of elevation provided a faster ride with an occasional glimpse of Eagle Mountain Lake, hay fields and cattle ranches. Turing left onto Hwy114, we rode into Boyd. We searched for Bobo Xing Rd, which connects FMs718 and 730 before Boyd, but did not find a road marked as such. When Stephen kindly asked me if I wanted us all to turn around and search for it again, I declined; one, knowing we would have to execute a U-turn (I decided no U-turns until the seat is lowered; they’re pathetic), secondly, I knew from the map that we might catch it on our way back via FM730. We never did find it. The hobbits living there must have camouflaged their road sign.

Circling back southwest on 730, we rode through Azle and picked up Hwy199, turning left onto a road (Wells Burnet?) that ran along the lake. We stopped at a marina to take a break and some pictures, while Stephen reminisced about the lakes and his teenage years spent on them. It reminded me of my years growing up on the lakes in New England.

On we rode turning right on Ten Mile Bridge Rd and headed south and east. Eventually we wound around to Boat Club Rd again and made a pit stop before returning to Lake Worth. Not once did we have to stop for gas and we affectionately missed Warren and MotoGuzzler’s gasping for fuel.

Unanimously we all decided we were hungry and I suggested Braum’s in Lake Worth for ice cream. Apparently ice cream was not substantial enough; we all ordered a full lunch. We sat and chatted after lunch, a few departed for their trip back home, while Stephen, Bill and I began thinking that a nap was in order. Stephen departed for mattress and box spring duty while Bill and I, java junkies that we are, returned to Starbucks for iced fraps and talk.

During this ride I devised ways to avoid backing up Whee. My short legs and Whee’s tall ‘legs’ don’t quite jive well enough for backing up and my backup shuffle is humorous if not pathetic. I strategized each stop by parking either diagonally or broadside so that I could pull ahead and out. As you can see, it caught on: Bill’s Wee-strom and Whee are parked side-by-side at Starbucks once again.

Again we thank Stephen for not only leading us on wonderful back roads around the lakes, but also his historical commentary. It added an extra flavor to the entire experience that can only be offered by someone that has grown up and lived in the area. It painted a layer of personable life to the scenery and roads that we rode and viewed; he made it come alive and more vivid in a way that can not be experienced just by riding a road.

This is what traveling on a bike (or any other vehicle) can offer; not just to gaze at the scenery and ride the roads, but live it.

I enjoyed sharing it with all of you and hope you all had a good time.

(now, about that two-day trip to Lake Texoma……..)

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