8.03.2006,5:46 AM
Night Rider

Heaven is under our wheels as well as over our heads.

For the first time, I rode Whee in the dark of the night. It was exhilarating.

A windy night on the highway, my upper torso prone on the tank bag, I rode into the night. Feeling the wind play and circling over the top of my body as it tried to catch me and toss the bike and I, daring me to sit upright. The ribbon of highway was a dark gray blur through the bug-spattered windshield, but the stars and 3/4 moon were clear and bright beckoning us forward. I longed to keep going and not stop.

Highway and street lights illuminated my way forward until I turned down the farm-to-market road. Then I discovered how powerful the bike's headlights were with the generous sweeping light on the sides of the road in front of me. Branches of dark green and brown nodded a quick 'Hello' as we were all tossed in the wind's embraces. Windows of houses emitted small squares of diffused of light as I passed them by. The smells and coolness hovering over the creeks infused my nostrils as I rode over their bridges.

I was alone on my steed of steel riding a ribbon of sweeping and rolling ground into the night.

Sides of the narrow road closed in on me after I turned towards home. Gearing down and riding slower, my eyes constantly scanned the lit sides of the road for glowing eyes belonging to critters. The night is their cue to venture from their cool hidden day enclaves to feed and drink. I am now in their world that belongs to the night creatures.

I smiled riding slowly on the gravel drive towards the house. The thrill of the night ride and night sky was exhilarating. I like this. Before going into my own den of comfort I gazed smiling up at the sky and said "Goodnight, moon".

I can't wait for a full moon ride.
"“Go out into the woods, go out. If you don’t go out into the woods, nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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