11.02.2006,9:13 PM
My Easy Chair
Drawing the cover off the bike in the early morning darkness and getting it ready to ride to work, I glanced up at the night sky. A habit now, every morning over the last few months. Finding Orion's belt with the three diagonal stars, my landmark, the nearby grouping is becoming more familiar. Some stars are brighter than others, and they change moving across the sky.

But there's one star that shines bright, like a fire in the night sky. Smiling, I reach up as if to touch it, grasp it and hold it near to caress, feel its warmth and glow in its brightness. But my hand closes on empty air. With a hint of sadness I stand gazing at it, satisfied that I can admire its magnificence and beauty. And I go about the beginning of the rest of my day, my life.

I ride out into the dark on my easy chair on two wheels, the headlights lighting the road and the star lighting my heart.
Into the nearing dawn of a new day.


posted by Macrobe
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