1.02.2007,11:12 PM
Frosty Full Moon

Riding home tonight after dinner with other bikers (including five V-stroms) the full moon cast a glow on the road with shadows dancing on the side as I rode. Although it was 33 degrees F, the electric vest kept me warm and comfortable. My fingers in their new gloves didn't protest until half a mile from home. When the heated grips are installed, all will be well.

If I could have kept my fingers warm, I would have taken a longer ride home. Ribbons of clouds played hide and seek with the moon, but it was a losing battle; the moon won. The clear crisp air drew to the surface memories of the cold crisp winters in Maine with full moonlight twinkling off the snow on the ground and trees. At times it was so bright, the day and night were almost inseparable. I would sometimes stand outside in the silence of the night and snow to gaze at the moon and the dancing shadows around me. Or bundle up with ice skates dangling around my neck by their shoelaces to skate the frozen lakes, the moon reflected on the ice which crunched under my skate blades as I sped along on it surface like air.

I smiled in my helmet at these memories, glad that they were there but also glad the snow was not here.

I stood for awhile after dismounting from the bike, turning around gazing at the sky and the moon. The now bare cottonwoods by the pond cast long shadows on the brown grass. Twinkling stars played peek-a-boo with the whisps of clouds. The air was crisp and dry, I was warm and happy.

I covered Whee after removing the sheepskin pad from the seat to bring inside and keep warm for the morning commute. The moon will still be in the sky as I ride to the station, and the sun will greet me when I pull into my parking spot, rising pink and blue in the eastern sky.

Another day, another night.
But the full moon smiles on me
these few precious nights of every month.
And every month I take it for a ride with me:
me, Whee, the moon and our shadows.


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