1.05.2007,11:45 AM
"I don't understand you bikers."

Such was the response from a colleague when he asked what I was planning for the weekend. I told him I was planning a long ride, rain or shine, hot or cold, with no real destination in mind.

How does a rider explain the long hours in the saddle, enduring cold, heat, rain, discomfort.....? They don't understand.

It's not just a mode of transportation. It's not just moving from here to there. It is the ride; the journey.

There's a kind of solace, independence, a statement of intent and free will in the ride. It's taking flight, riding the road like coasting on thermals high in the air. Gliding through the spaces of life that no one else seems to see or experience.

For some, the ride is an escape from life; for others, like me, it is a re-discovery of life, and of self. It is an inimate union with everything that surrounds you and a vehicle traveling through a reality that is your own.

It's not just the speed, not just the road. It is more a way of life and expression.

When we are not walking on two feet, we ride on two wheels.

Because that is what we are.


posted by Macrobe
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