6.06.2007,9:58 PM
Hanging Body Parts
In anticipation of track day (July 6th), we've been talking stories and technique of advanced riding and cornering. After listening last night to two riders that race, and reading all the posting about technique, style and form on the TWT forum, I've been thinking about how, and where, to start shifting my weight more off the bike.

Tonight I discovered another use for hanging body parts off the side of a bike.

I rode home west on I-820 with really strong gusty southerly winds trying to push me over. The wind pushes the bike to the right, but it leans to the left.

Hmmm..... thinking about things in a few milliseconds.... I moved my weight over to the right of the bike's centerline, right rear butt cheek nearly hanging off seat, pushing down through right peg, upper body leaned forward and completely right off the center line and......... no pushy over at all.
Very cool.


Can't wait to get on the track.


posted by Macrobe
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