6.03.2007,4:15 PM
Texas Storms

This morning I awoke to another storm rolling in from the north. They are almost a daily occurrence this spring.

In between cups of coffee, I grabbed the camera to take a few pond shots that I promised a friend in Salt Lake City. Trudging through the tall wet grass with shorts on, I found several flowers to try my hand at close-ups. The lighting was perfect.

I looked up at the sky shortly and beheld the edge of a low storm front moving in and........ Oh, was it awesome.

Squatting low to the ground and pivoting on one foot and leg, I snapped shot after shot trying to capture the massive storm front rolling in like a giant frothing white wave. It was magnificent!!!

If only I had a good wide angle lens, or a large format camera. And several thousand dollars.....

When I returned to the house, the lightening nearly upon me, I discovered my legs were covered with mosquito bites. I never even felt them bite. I had to spread hydrocortisone all over my legs; a red itching rash began to appear. Funny how you don't notice things like that when you are so captivated.

I started a new album to upload the storm shots to; the link is provided above. Although currently it contains only one photo, I will upload more as time permits (full size images take forever to upload on a satellite system).
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