7.06.2007,10:41 PM
Here comes the sun........
It was raining.... again.... when I left home this morning. I was at the end of my rope. I can not put up with this rain any longer.

Forty-five days of rain, every day. Non-stop.

My jeans were wet up to my knees when I arrived at the lab. I keep a change of clothes in my desk; I put on clean and dry pants.

All that emitted from my mouth this morning were grunts and growls. I was reduced to a pissed off and on-the-edge animal. Picture a wet dog outside in the pouring rain, soaking wet fur, ears down, sourful look on its face, tail tucked in between rear legs and under belly........ that was me this morning.

I left Oregon for this reason. I need the sun; it keeps my batteries charged. Without it my batteries run down and I barely function. My heart wilts. My spirit withers.
I digress and devolve into a Neanderthal-like human with grunts and growls. Maybe I become the wolf that lurks inside. A wet miserable cur.

I thought I was going to go postal this afternoon.

I left early (actually left after eight hours! How novel!) and gathered parts and things for working on the bike tomorrow. The sun was shining.

Oh. My. God. The sun!!!

I finished the day by sitting outside at a Starbucks, face upturned towards the sun. Recharging my batteries. I could feel the refill levels rise inside. I smiled at people passing by. Laughed at someone's joke, waved to a little girl bouncing along with Daddy; I felt free and exuberant again.

I became human again.
Alive inside.

As I walked out in the parking lot, a young man whistled and smiled at me. I smiled back.

It felt good to be alive again.


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