7.04.2007,8:04 PM
Texas Hill Country: the roads back

I woke reluctantly. Graeme woke with enthusiasm. He was packed and on the road by 7 am; me, half an hour behind him. He rode south, I rode north.

Sunday morning and traffic was light. I stopped at a rest area to gulp down a cup of coffee I had picked up at a gas station and watch the sun continue rising in the sky behind the clouds.

I took my sweet time in riding home on Hwy 16, savoring the road, the views, the smells, sounds, silence, solitude, and even conversations with strangers I met along the way. I didn't want to stop riding; keep on riding north, then east, then south, west again, then south....... circles, triangles, squares, winding up and down.

I was enjoying this ride, these three days of solitude and companionship with a riding buddy sharing similar designs of road warriorness.

I wanted to stay on the road and keep going.
Wheels turning under me.
For as long as I can stay in this saddle.
The road signs at the rest area amused me. I wonder when they will realize the more signs they erect, the less we see them.


These were common on Hill Country roads.


Back on Hwy 16; my Sweet Road. Traffic was nearly non-existent except for in the larger towns.


hc road4

Rivers, creeks, bridges, curves, rolling hills.... all so sweet.



hc cows2


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