7.08.2007,12:14 PM
Tech Day July07
We started a series of tech days in our area last fall. They began with just V-stroms and now include every bike imaginable. Some come to work on their own bikes, other bikes, learn, teach, share tools, share stories, food and ice cream. (the latter was my inception ;)

Changing tires, electrical wiring, throttle bodies, valves, chains & sprockets, brakes, adding mods, replacing broken parts........ A tech day last winter focused on learning to weld. We're recruiting a local race and expert bike performance mechanic to do a Suspension 101 clinic. I'm conducting a riders' fitness clinic next month.

I have to say I've never been involved with a more cohesive and generous community of people in all the places I've lived. And that extends statewide, not just local.

Yesterday was our first day of sunshine in over 45 days. Timing was excellent. Our group was smaller this time, but from more distant points: Houston and Austin as well as local. It was also more relaxing.

We had KLR, BMW GS, Honda VFR, Triumph Tiger; Suzuki's won with 4 V-stroms and a GSX. And two vehicles loaded with tools, seats, coolers, ice cream (important component), and canopy. The Grill Master was awesome! (our host).

The front scene:

The group (minus two):

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