9.05.2007,9:01 PM
It's times like these.....
"It's times like these you learn to live again...."

The last two years this September have been full of life. Despite the pain of two deaths, the loss of a good friend, job change, the house breakdowns and financial blowouts........ I've loved and I've lost, flown waves of joy and fell on my knees with betrayal. Life goes up and down and around, then back again.

I look back and think of the mileage I've covered, the many places I've been and seen, people I've met, old friends visited and new friends acquired. All the positive events overshadow the negative. The stress conquered by hope and the courage to trudge on. And the future is the globe criss crossed by roads, both paved and dirt. I won't stop following my dreams.

Last weekend's challenges reminded me I'm not too old; I'm not ready to quit. I can never regain the lost years when I was an actress in the Drama of the American Dream , but I won't ever give up grabbing every hour and ounce of life I can to live the rest to the fullest.

Someday, we will all look back and wonder "Why?", "For what?". I did that already; years ago. But not now, not anymore. Because I know why, and for what. 'When?' is not even a question. Because the when is now.

"It's times like these we learn to live again.
It's times like these we give and give again.
It's times like these we learn to love again.
It's times like these, like these again."*

May your wheels always turn underneath you, your roads unfold before you to new places, and may your heart sing on the breeze as you ride.

Ride on.

May you always discover within you
the freedom to be who you are,
the courage to believe in your dreams,
and the faith to follow your heart.

* "Times like these", sung by the Foo-Fighters


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