9.06.2007,10:15 PM
Reason 366 Why I ride a bike
Sunsets. I rode home today into the sunset and it was the most magnificent, beautiful, colorful, alluring, captivating, intoxicating, sensational sunset I've seen in a long time (since Big Bend). Puffy-shaped clouds overlapping sharply edged streams of magenta and white. Azure and brilliant blue sky contrasting the pinks, reds, magentas, purples, whites in an unbroken expanse of sky. Airbrushed over pastal chalked clouds. I wanted to press a button and let my head rotate 360 degrees the entire ride home.

All reflecting on the lake surface like a rippling mirror.

I rode my sweet road home differently, slower, enjoying the streaks of colors moving from the front to the side of me, and back again. Entering the tunnel created by the tree canopies red peeked through openings of the darkening green branches. I marveled at how the greens of the grasses and trees beside me turned shades unlike those seen in daylight but refusing to succumb to the coming blackness of the night.

Four vehicles were in front of me as I rode the last leg home and I wondered if any of the people in them saw what I beheld. Did they momentarily peak through the curtains of their day enactments to see and enjoy what I did? Or did they hide away from everything outside of them, safely tucked in their cages, like feral animals that have lost hope in their confinement?

That sunset, and everything around me, changed every minute that I rode. Nothing interrupted my view while I moved in my own changes rolling on two wheels. It was not just magnificent seeing that sunset, but I was a part of it. I am out in all of it when I ride. And that is what I love the most: being there.

I rode most of the way home with a grin so wide it stretched my face. Finally on home gravel, the side stand down, sitting on the bike catching the last glimpse and the remnants of color as they give way to the dark gray and maroon clouds. While lightening bugs fluttered around me.

I don't need to go fast. I don't always need winding roads and curves. I don't have to have a destination. All I need are these two wheels under me and a surface for them to roll.

That is another reason why I ride.


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