10.09.2007,7:36 AM
Dang.... it's here.
Cold. Lack of heat. My perception of 'cold' is simply that: lack of heat. An internal thermometer alarms when the loss of heat reaches a threshold. "What's sucking the heat out of here!?!?"

I wore my touring coat and pants this morning, but packed the mesh jacket in hope some heat diffuses back into my environment. No shorts today; I grimaced as I pulled on pants this morning. Two shirts covered my tank top. I kept my socks on while removing my gear at the train station and stowing it all on the bike under cover. But I usually wear sandals unless it's snowing. At least I didn't have to zip the quilted liners into my gear this morning, but I almost wished I had my electric vest.

I don't like bundling up with layers of clothes, restricting my movement, covering my skin, weighing me down; I feel burdened. Sluggish. I don't like lack of heat. Or lack of sun.

Sigh. It's that time again.

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