10.04.2007,2:00 PM
Ride-about in Hill Country: Slideshow
Slideshow of a Rideabout in Texas Hill Country

My trips are more than just a 'ride'; my reports and stories are more than just "I went here on this road and here are photos of my bike and the road". Riding is more than just about my bike and the road. It includes everything around me, the bike and the road. Besides, y'all know what a bike looks like.

My bike trips are my own 'dream tracks'. [see my post about walkabouts]. They are pieces of the world experienced through my eyes and mind.

This trip was a walkabout on two wheels and these are some of the images that I captured.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of Texas.

Texas Hill Country Sept ’07

Or larger-image slideshow here.

The entire trip report is here and begins with the first post at the bottom.

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