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Two 250's Tooling Around Texas

Last Saturday the XR and the Sherpa took their riders on paved and gravel roads for a day in the sun and a meal in air conditioned comfort. Leaving Azle area, they wound their way along the west side of Weatherford Lake, then striking out northwest in search for some gravel to play on.

Geology has fossils to record time and history; countrysides have cemeteries. Reading old grave markers can reveal much about the local history if one notes patterns in family names, birth and death dates. We reconstructed some bits and pieces of local history provided by the markers in this cemetery, especially a period of 2-3 years in which many young children and several adults died. My guess is a local epidemic of influenza or other disease by which many babies, youngsters and their mothers were stricken (early 1900's). Four side-by-side headstones revealed a mother passed away the day three babies were born. Triplets were a rarity back then and most times the mother and babies did not survive.



Up the road from the cemetery was a split: two roads....which way shall we go? Well, the one without the locked gate!


Although the road dead-ended a mile or so on, it was a lovely ride with with pristine horse pastures and fencing. These horses thrived on lush pastures and in shade. One pasture contained many red roans, including a few colts. They were not sure what to think about the two-wheeled noisy things galloping down the gravel road next to them.


We turned around at the end of the road and rode back. It was a lovely road surrounded by pastures and horses; I would have been happy to live there somewhere.


We continued on towards Springtown since it was approaching time to meet with the others. These roads may be paved but they are full of bumps and holes. Riding them on the 250's was more relaxing and fun than on the Whee because of the suspension travel.


Before meeting other riders at the cafe, we visited Motorsports on Hwy 199 across from Old Springtown Rd. Friendly folks and a nice inventory of gear and parts for off-road riding as well as the typical bike fare. With hunger now a strong driving force, we took the short-way around back to the Cafe.

Soon other rode in. RR Rider on his Beemer, and a couple from Bridgeport (I suffer from name amnesia) on their two bikes - BMW and Wee-strom. We ordered our meals and were pleased with the quality and quantity.

Half-way through our meal, Ryan and Dana rode in on their Aprilla and VFR (respectively). They had their own adventure to report on!

When asked about desert, we were amazed at the selection on the board. These cakes, pies and cobbler are made locally and the servings are HUGE!! Although I would have loved a cobbler with ice cream, one look at the size of that serving and I knew I had no room for it. I think this is a first for me. But if you saw the size of the bowl with the cobbler.... it's a meal unto itself. Next time I'll come back for just the cobbler!

(the cake and pie slices were gigantic)

Three of our group rode out while the rest of us somehow made it out of our chairs and paid our checks. The remaining crew:

The XR and the Sherpa made their way -like slugs- back along the same road but with gravel side tracks taken and the barn revisited.

Another gravel road, another dead end, another missed turn, another cemetery. Much of the same stories. This cemetery was dedicated to two men that served in WW1. This is the oldest birth date we found in both cemeteries:

By then we were hot and tired. We needed water. So off we go for a lazy loop around the lake.

"Well, the GPS was off!"


My buddies were calling me. I wanted to go in the water with them, but it looked rather shallow, slimy and icky right there.



Now we were really thirsty, so we embarked on a hunt for refeshing liquids. This time we back tracked and rode the east side of the lake finding a closed marina store. Luckily there was a soda machine outside and we each had some welcomed cold lemonade.

Sitting by the water, the urge to get in and get wet was overpowering. Back in Maine, surrounded by lakes everywhere, I could always find water to canoe in or swim. I've missed that living here in Texas. I was bound and determined to get wet and swim. The marina charges $4/person to use the small roped-off swimming area and I was tempted to just jump in the water in front of the office area, but I resisted. It wasn't easy..........

Gearing up and heading back on the narrow winding lake roads I searched for a place to park and dive into the water. I finally found it.
Pulling off the road and down the embankment, the bikes rested in the day's last sun glittering off the water.


I peeled off my gear, looked along the shore for a deep spot and did an old familiar shallow dive. Man, did it feel good!!!
Ed followed suit and we both sat watching the skiers, boats and fish jumping.

The Lake Weatherford monster splashes to the surface!


Ready for another dive into the refreshing water.


Now I know where I can go for a dip when I want and enjoy the roads at the same time. Not the same as the clear spring-fed lakes of Maine and Oregon, but it will do. And I hope to get a few more of these rides in before the season turns cold.

The sun set shortly after the return home and it was a good day's ride and adventure, on the roads and lunch with good friends and riders.

A good way to end the summer. But I still hate to see it go. And I'll grab onto every last minute that I can.

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