12.02.2007,7:32 PM
Sherpa Mods: The Beginning

Sherpie had a few modifications over the past two months:

Pro-Bend handguards: These replaced the wimpy stock guards. These same guards are on the Whee and have proven time and time again to be strong and protective. I chose the low profile enduro shields for the Sherpa, however. The larger shields are on the Whee.

The reason I prefer these over other brands is the bend in the aluminum alloy bar (often called 'bark buster'). The outer curve allows the hand to escape in case of a fall, reducing the chance of a hand being caught or crushed in between the lever, grip and anything else. I've tested this out (unintentionally); it is a hand saver.

Pro-Taper handlebar (CR mid bend). The stock bar is too weak and it's chrome. No chrome on a dirt bike. That's just blasphemous. Again, the same bar replaced the stock bar on the Whee. They are strong as an ox. They also have a cross-bar for added strength and to reduce vibration.

Bar grips. Stock grips were replaced with larger diameter grips. Arthritis in my wrists and hands are irritated by small diameter grips. These work well and they are tacky for a good feel and grip.

Acerbis front fender. The Yellow Beak was replaced with a silver Supermotard front fender. Very aerodynamic with vents to increase air circulation to the engine.

Carburetor adjustments. Sherpas are notorious for being cold-blooded: they don't like to start and take forever to warm up. They run lean out of the manufacturing plant. To make it run 'richer' (more fuel:oxygen ratio), Cliff at Piper Performance increased the pilot jet from 17.5 to 20 and adjusted the fuel screw from 3.25 to 3.75. It has more power (significantly!) and warms faster, but the compromise is less fuel efficiency (lower mpg). I can live with that.

Wolfman Tailbag.
In Tellico Plains, TN, I picked up this tailbag made by Wolfman. This model has been discontinued to be replaced by the Wolf Tail. I'm glad I found the discontinued one; I don't care for the black and silver colored version. Otherwise, they are almost exactly the same, although the bungee system is improved on the new version. Wiley rides on top of this bag, secured by the build-in webbing on the top flap.

The Wolfman Explorer Lite tank bag resides on Whee's gas tank and I like it enough that I will probably opt for the Wolfman Enduro tank bag for Sherpie. A smaller version of the Explorer series, the Enduro is an excellent size for smaller dual sport bikes.

The next major modifications are increasing fuel capacity and upgrading the rear shock and spring. After bottoming out several times on the two-day ride last weekend, the latter is a priority. The fuel capacity issue can wait until before April next year when I ride the 2008 Texas Adventure Ride in southern Texas.


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