5.26.2008,6:06 AM
Mini-Tech Day
Mini-Tech Day
or "Dang, it's hot!!!"

Last Saturday surgery was performed on two bikes. One survived.

"Psssttt......Hey, TS. You need some more coffee. Your eyes are crossed."

"Oh, shut up, Wiley."

Saturday morning came and threatened to toast us. We tried to get an early start on this project. We did. Sorta.

Chuck unloaded all his Magic Boxes on the garage floor and Janet rolled in on Black Beauty FJR soon after. Our projects for the day were primarily Janet's electrical mods and whatever we could accomplish on Whee (Whee has several projects in the works).

Removing plastic and gas tank on the Whee was opening Pandora's Inner Bike: chewed electrical wires. Rats!!! Those dirty rats..... Only two weeks in the shed on the ranch and the Mega-Rats had cursed me by chewing on three wires. One, attached to a sensor underneath the airbox was chewed all the way through. That probably accounted for the 'EFI' error reading on the digital Idiot Light.

Chuck brought out his Magic Wand and soldered the two wires together after snipping them off for easier access. All the chewed wires were cleaned and taped, all the while I muttered blasphemies of war against the mutant rats in my shed.
"Kill, Kill, Kill!!!! This is WAR!"

After dealing with the rat's mess, we drilled a hole in the front left cowling and installed a PowerLet socket. Wire was run inside the flexible plastic wire snake housing and hooked up to a 10 amp fuse in the Magic Fuse Box under the seat.

While Ed helped Janet remove plastic from the FJR Beauty, Chuck connected a GPS cable to the 90-degree PowerLet plug. I retrieved my Brain (60csx Garmin), inserted it into the holder and mount on the handlebar, attached the cable and turned it on. Whallah!!!! Very cool. No more banging on it at night to keep the monitor lit.

Thank you, Mr. Chuck Wizard!!!!!!!!

I replaced the mutant front left turn signal -held together and wrapped with black electrical tape- with one that was much less damaged, requiring only a piece of tape over the corner of the chipped lens.

Turning attention now to Janet's FJR......

"Hey, TS. Does Chuck move in and out of another dimension? He's all blurry and stuff...."

"Hmmm.....good question. Shall we ask him?"

"Pssst.....TS. Look. Those two creatures don't have any heads."

"Maybe they got caught in the garage door."

The Naked FJR Street Fighter stands waiting to weal its deadly kung fu.

While those three mounted Super Scarry Horns on the nekkid bike, Whee lurked in the Shadows, his innards hanging out and loose all over the floor.

"Hey, remember me??"

"Ahhhhhghhh!!!! He scared me!!!! He has spooky eyes....", Wiley whispered.

It was time for lunch. I made cole slaw, Janet and I grilled hamburgers and buns and with a collaborative effort threw together peach/apricot cobbler. With ice cream, of course.

Then it was back to the Street Fighter.

"TS, do you think they know what they are doing?"

"They'll figure it out somehow. Now let me go back to snoozing before I melt."

"Oh No!!!! No, don't pull my tail with that, pleeeease Mr. Wizard!"

"Wiley, those are pliers. Chuck uses them to do wiring things. Settle down."

"Gee, I sure do miss riding. How about you bounce me on the big black booty, TS? Huh?"

"Wow, look at those cool eyeballs!!! How come she has eye balls on her bike? Hey, are they wearing blue contact lenses?? Maybe they're girls."

"So, Whattaya think, Ed. Shall we wrap this up before we all melt in a big puddle of goo on the floor?"

Chuck packed his Magic Boxes and drove home to stand in front of the air conditioner. Black Beauty was again adorned in all her black plastic splendor. And the Whee stands dejected, naked, throttles gagged, airbox bared, and its metal belly wrapped in a soft blanket. He sleeps until we again perform surgery, its nervous system adorned with new meter and lights, soon to wink in the night and as a warning to all those who dare to tread near.
Waiting silently for his rider to mount and ride again.


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