6.04.2008,9:09 PM
Baby Steps
With a nod of his head, a "Uh hmm....", and a smile while evaluating the x-rays, the orthopedic surgeon gave me clearance to begin putting weight on the right foot. Although he kept reminding me (and made me promise) to take it slowly. And the splint boot remains a part of my fashion statement for another four weeks. It's damned hot, I tell ya!

The entire lower right side of my body is not used to bearing weight. It has been a weird useless appendage hanging like a dead weight and in the way. In the meantime, my left side has adapted to piloting by increasing muscle in my left glute, calf (gastrocs) and soleus. Balance and stability has improved in the left ankle and foot, better then ever since it was broken and torn over two years ago. It is still relatively weak and unstable and always will be, but better than before the right break.

Now I'm taking baby steps: short gait with 75% weight born on the left crutch and leg. Each step is a conscious effort to come down square with the splint boot and carefully rock forward, very lightly pushing off. Distances have increased considerably the last few days, up to 125 feet (from the lab to the -80 degree C and back). The first time I did it today I smiled like a baby taking her first steps. I was in a sweat by the time I got back to my desk chair. But still smiling.

In the evenings Big Black Bootay and bandage come off and I practice flexing the ankle and my toes. I start physical therapy next week. They all say Torture Therapy but he can give me all the pain he wants as long as I can start walking and ride.
"Come get some!!"


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